What Do Our Participants Say?

I have been following Jk Yog since 2 years, first I started by listening to swamiji's video lectures from youtube and through that I got to know about the Jk Yog Daily sessions and then I started attending daily sessions which in fact made my life more meaningful and thoughtful and taught me the purpose of my life. JK Yog offers many online sessions which you can't stop once you start attending. I would really encourage everyone to attend these online sessions which will definitely benefit you.
Jkyog online classes are providing the best satsang with powerful knowledge from Swamiji that's applicable in every area of our lives. Amazing interactive discussions from vibrant participants, fun Quizzes, great inspiration to bring out hidden potential in every individual. The JKYog session provides the best Sadhana, multiple Seva opportunities to express our gratitude to God and Guru, further facilitating our spiritual growth. I am grateful to Swamiji and all JKyog volunteers who are putting so much time and effort in provinding this wonderful global platform to learn and grow.
To increase love for god and to make our faith stronger in God it is important to gain knowledge on our scriptures. And I am so much grateful to Swamiji for providing us the opportunity to learn through JKyog online classes. I have been attending the JKYog online classes from sometime and would like to acknowledge the sincere effort the JKyog team has been putting in it. It has helped me understand various concepts embedded in our scriptures and helped me make incremental spiritual progress. Without it I might not have been consistent on the spiritual path. The roop dhyan meditation classes helped a beginner like me to adhere to a meditation schedule. My sincere gratitude to the volunteers who have been conducting it with utmost sincere efforts, its well designed to include pranayam, meditation and bhajan. All the classes are so well framed with crisp content and are packed with so much knowledge. It also gives a platform to connect with like minded people and share and hear their experiences. I wish Swamiji and JKYog team the very best in their journey in spreading the knowledge. Radhey Radhey!!
Sunita Patro
JKYog Online sessions provide us an opportunity to understand the spiritual concepts from the comfort of our home. The wide variety of sessions cover all the aspects of ancient timeless vedic philosophy providing a solid foundation for the spiritual knowledge and helping us progress in our spiritual endeavours. I would highly recommend it to any spiritual seeker to start their spiritual journey with the rock solid Tatva Gyaan presented during these sessions and eventually develop love for God.
Rahul Bhargava
In the path of spirituality revising of the knowledge and knowing the correct knowledge, clarifying the doubts and guidance of a Guru is very essential. We receive all these through JKYog free Online classes/sessions. Variety of sessions with knowledgeable moderators under the guidance of true Guru makes this online fruitful to the spiritual seekers. Sessions conducted at the convenience timings of Indian and US participants is again a beneficial factor. All the sessions planned very well based on the knowledge given by Maharajji and Swamiji. Most of the sessions follows by divine lectures of Swamiji. Hindi and English participants can also have feasibility to join in suitable sessions. Revision will also conducted tirelessly after the completion of the particular chapter. The best part is you will receive mail of the whole session to revise and to recollect the whole knowledge. We are grateful to have JKYog to clear doubts and to help us all the time.
Vidya Pawar
I have been associated with JKYog from last one year. Since then, this association helped me a lot and always given moments to cherish and wisdom to ponder upon and guided me, how to implement this divine wisdom given by Swamiji in day-to-day life. I would like to thank each and every volunteer and session moderator for spreading the vast knowledge of our Sanatan scripture in easy way so that a layman like me get benefitted. Koti koti pranam to lotus feet of Swami Mukundananda ji.
Ashutosh Pandey
JK Yog has become an integral and indispensable part of my system of living. Values for life as taught by JKYog Academy online sessions through and as understood by me is the driving force of my day to day activities. They are my pathfinder and motivator. On the whole, I strongly feel that JKYog is complete metabolism in my spiritual pursuit. The revelations by Swamiji and JKYog online classes on how human mind works and the ways and means to regulate the mind is a divine boon for all those who come across. The motivation and confidence that JK Yog provides through its various programs deserve appreciation.
Uthra Sundar
The online sessions are amazing, truly a Godsend. I came across Swamiji’s video and the JKYog online classes about 6 months ago. I have picked up so many nuggets to be applied in my day to day life. Here are just few of them: 1. Prasadbuddhi - learn to accept everything that comes my way like a Prasad as Gods Blessing 2. Become the best you can be - Help others - Do Good to Feel Good - JKYog slogan of Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good 3. Important qualities for Bhakti - Be humble like a blade of grass - tolerate like a tree - respect all 4. 95% of problems arise from material contemplation leading to attachment of the mind giving rise to Desire which leads to Greed and Anger and eventual downfall/destruction. We need to Dovetail our Desires towards God to be Detached. 5. We are all Children of God so we need to Help and Support each other and work Together like one big Family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
Manish Desai
This wonderful platform of online classes provided by Swami-ji and the JKYog team has helped so many people like me who lacked spiritual knowledge. In addition to Swamiji's videos and attending Jkyog classes, participant input has also been instrumental in my spiritual growth. Previously, I was pessimistic and short-tempered, but now I have a different view on life, time, and attachments. I feel optimistic, happy, and peaceful now that my life has taken a turn for the better. Those who want to grow spiritually are encouraged to attend Swamiji's retreats, watch his videos, and contemplate, as well as regularly attend Jkyog classes. It is my deepest gratitude that I owe Swamiji for his unlimited grace and blessings. Radhey Radhey!!
Tejaswi Raikar
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