Frequently Asked Questions

Courses FAQs

Yes. Any course, free or paid can be accessed only from a registered account.

Go to courses page and check the filter option free to see all the free courses.

You can access the paid course by buying the individual course. Choose the course you want to buy either from home page or by searching from the  courses page. Add to cart, checkout and pay.  You can access the course as soon as you’ve bought it.

to choose a single category, Go to home page and click on any category under title – Choose your Category. To choose more than one category, g to courses page and check the filter options showing all categories.

To pay in USD, you can choose to pay using your credit card/debit card or paypal account.
To pay in INR, payment is done via RazorPay. You can choose credit / debit card, netbanking, g-pay, etc. from RzorPay payment gateway.

You can access the course instantly as soon as you have paid for the course.

You can check all your enrolled courses from the dashboard.

Yes, you can pause and resume from where your left. Your course progress will be automatically saved. 

You need to click ‘Mark Complete’ button to auto advance to the next lesson.

You need to click ‘Mark Complete’ button on each lesson you have completed to reflect in the course progress.

Yes, you can retake a course any number of time you like as long as the course is available for you.

Quiz attempts are unlimited.

For all courses based on teachings of Swami Mukundananda, you will get a course completion certificate, digitally signed by Swamiji.
For any general webinars, course completion certificate is not included.

Yes. You can download course completion certificate only after completing the course. You must have every lesson marked as completed to mark a course complete. 

Yes. You must pass all the quizzes in the course to mark it complete.

Registration and Membership FAQs

Yes. You must register either as a free member or paid member to access the courses.

There are three memberships. One free membership – Free Member and two paid memberships – One Year Member and Three Year Member.

In paid membership you will save $500 or more compared to buying individual courses. You will get unlimited access to all the courses, at any time, anywhere for as long as you remain subscribed to the paid memberships. Apart from this, every time you subscribe, you will also get additional perks. Depending upon your membership, you can avail quarterly or half yearly subscription on Swami Mukundananda Exclusive. Free access to 2 or 3 modules in My Daily Sadhana for 2 months.
Furthermore, new courses are added at the rate of at least one new course per month. You can avail access to these new courses, within 48 hours of the course release.

Upon successful registration as a paid member, you will immediately gain access to our entire set of courses as well as any new courses that will be added during the membership period. You can choose your courses based on the course category or searching/filtering for courses from the courses page.

For any newly released courses during your membership tenure, you can access them within 48 hours of the course release.

You will be sent reminders about the expiry of the membership. Once your membership tenure is over, you will be given 2 days grace period to renew your membership. If you have not paid by then, your membership will be converted to a free member. All course access will be revoked and the course progress will be lost.

Go to Update Membership and upgrade for one of the paid memberships.

You cannot convert from 1 year to 3 years during the membership tenure. Upgrade your membership at the end of the tenure.

Although, the courses as well as the membership plans are nominally priced, the Three Year Member definitely offers more value for money.

  • Firstly, you’ll save more than $600 compared to buying individual courses.
  • You will get unlimited access to all the courses, at any time, for the three years.
  • You will quarterly subscription for Swami Mukundananda Exclusive.
  • Free access My Daily Sadhana for 1 month, upon completing three paid courses.
  • New courses are added at the rate of at least one new course per month. You can avail access these new courses, within 48 hours of the course release, another significant advantage of 3 year membership.

At present, there are no refunds for memberships.

Website Navigation FAQs

Click on Log In link in the top blue bar. You’ll be taken to login page. Provide your username or email id and password to login.

Don’t worry. Click on Lost Password link in the login page. You will be sent a password reset link in your registered email id.

On successful login, hover on your username/email in the top blue bar and click on Dashboard from the sub menu. You can get all information related to your profile from the dashboard.

Yes. The website is mobile responsive. You can access it from your mobile browser.

JKYog offers 100 plus free online classes per week. You can view them as well join the session from the website.

No. One can join the free live online classes without logging into the website.

Clear your browser cache. Go to your browser’s settings -> Privacy and Security -> Clear Browsing Data -> Check the option “Cached images and files” and click clear data.

Support FAQs

  • You can call or Whatsapp either the US or India support numbers. US: (+1) 434 385-6954 India: +91 70930 01191
  • Write your query to
  • Submit your question in the message box in the Contact page

The support will respond to your query within 48 hours.

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