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Virtues For A Victorious Life – Part 1

Virtues For a Victorious Life – Part 1 is the first part of the three-part series inspired by 24 Gurus of Dattatreya based on teachings of Swamiji.

Lord Dattatreya gained enlightenment by observing the world, which provided Him with 24 teachers. These 24 gurus of the nature taught Him the futility of mundane attachments, the benefits of contemplation and forbearance, and a path towards the spiritual self-realization of the Supreme. The teachings of Sri Dattatreya, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu involve direct challenges to the pretensions and prejudices of the learner.
His 24 Gurus are: Earth, wind, space, water, fire, moon, sun, pigeon, python, ocean, honeybee, bumblebee, moth, elephant, deer, fish, prostitute, child, bird, maiden, snake, spider, arrow maker and wasp.

The part 1 of the series covers the teachings of Lord Dattatreya’s first 5 Gurus – Earth, Wind, Sky, Water and Fire.

This course specially designed from the successful online session organized by JKYog Academy called Virtues For a Victorious Life, as a part of the series Put it to Practice with Swamiji. While the teachings of Lord Dattatreya were highly prominent and essential, the concepts were quite esoteric and mostly being looked at as a subject exclusively for the scholarly. This course aims at dissecting every lesson learnt by Lord Dattatreya from the 24 gurus, relating them to virtues that are must-have for spiritual growth and prepare the seekers to attain the ultimate purpose of our life. The biggest question of how to practically implement such esoteric teachings is broken down by this course.

For every virtue there is a lecture video from Swamiji. Swamiji helps us understand the profound secrets of Vedas in a simplistic manner. Swamiji is able to explain the ancient esoteric knowledge with rigourous scientific knowledge, in the modern context. Using perfect logic and a simple-yet-scientific approach, Swamiji offers new ways of understanding and applying the knowledge of the scriptures in our daily lives. This course is a perfect blend of scriptural knowledge and practical wisdom from Swamiji on how to implement in our life.

The course includes a recorded interactive session for each lesson going in detail on each virtue, moderated by qualified moderators who were not only trained under the guidance of Swamiji, but exhibit sincerity in following Swamijij’s teachings and commitment to service and excellence.

Many core spiritual topics like detachment, equanimity, purity, austerity, etc. are delivered in such an astonishingly simple and relatable way that makes us feel confident that we can also apply these values in our daily lives. In addition, every session includes a real life example video to further inspire the seekers into action.

Course Structure

The first part of the series covers several virtues from the first five Gurus of Lord Dattatreya – Earth, Air, Space, Water and Fire.

Each topic of the course contains

  1. Recorded moderated session on each Virtue
  2. Lecture by Swamiji
  3. Topic summary

The videos in each lesson themselves contain detailed explanation of learnings of Lord Dattatreya from each Guru, deep live into teachings of Swamiji, Real Life Stories & Videos, Related Gita Verses, Practical tools and Contemplative activities.

The aim of this course is to deliver such profound divine knowledge as taught by Swamiji and give a practical approach on how we can imbibe such noble virtues derived from the teachings of Lord Dattatreya and apply them in the present-day world. We sincerely hope you will be benefitted from this course and the knowledge will help you in uplifting your life and take bounding steps towards spirituality.

What I will learn?

  • What Lord Dattatreya learnt from each Guru.
  • The Virtue that we can develop from each learnings
  • Gain knowledge from Scriptures and how to practically imbibe such Virtues from Swamiji's teachings.

Course Curriculum

01. Virtue “Tolerance” from Guru#1 – Earth

02. Virtue “Forgiveness” from Guru#1 – Earth

03. Virtue “Patience” from Guru#1 – Earth

04. Virtue “Detachment” from Guru#2 – Air

05. Virtue “Equanimity” from Guru#2 – Air

06. Virtue “Divinity” from Guru#3 – Space

07. Virtue “Infinite Potential” from Guru#3 – Space

08. Virtue “Equality” from Guru#4 – Water

09. Virtue “Purity” from Guru#4 – Water

10. Virtue “Knowledge” from Guru#5 – Fire

11. Virtue “Austerity” from Guru#5 – Fire

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  • Have a dedicated journal for this course. Write down your introspective and contemplative thoughts for the questions asked in each section. This helps strengthen the knowledge as well as empowers you to implement the teachings.

Target Audience

  • Spiritual seekers who wants to know how to engage in spirituality in today's world
  • Curious learners who wants to learn about 24 Gurus of Dattatreya

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