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Success Sutras From Saints Part 1

Categories Vedic Philosophy

India is regarded as the Land of Saints. These saints are the messengers of God and have spread the divine knowledge, Bhakti of God, Righteousness and Universal Compassion in the world. These saints not only had a divine effect on the people and unfurled the incredible hidden treasure of the mind but were prominent social reformers.

Success Sutras from Saints course part 1 covers in detail about 12 eminent saints who lived during ancient, medieval and modern eras, from all regions north, east, south and west. Based on teachings by Swami Mukundananda, this course is aimed at teaching the timeless solution given by the saints to lead a successful life as well as progress in spirituality, by highlighting the virtues that these saints possess. It is combined with Swami ji lecture which gives a practical approach on how to cultivate these virtues in today’s world.

Highlights of The Course

  • Life history of the saints
  • Virtues to learn from the saints
  • Lecture by Swami Mukundananda ji for practical implementation of the saintly qualities
  • Exclusive customized meditation for deep contemplation of great qualities and virtues of the saints
  • Implementation thoughts and quizzes
  • Interactive discussions on the key learnings/takeaways

What I will learn?

  • Life history of the saints
  • The crowning virtues from each saints
  • Gain knowledge from Scriptures and how to practically imbibe such Virtues from Swamiji's teachings.

Course Curriculum

Saint 1: Andal

Saint 2: Dnyaneshwar

Saint 3: Ras Khan

Saint 4: Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Saint 5: Purandara Dasa

Saint 6: Eknath

Saint 7: Goswami Tulsidas

Saint 8: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Saint 9: Ramanujacharya

Saint 10: Narsinh Mehta

Saint 11: Guru Nanak

Saint 12: Narottam Das

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  • Have a dedicated journal for this course. Write down your introspective and contemplative thoughts for the questions asked in each section. This helps strengthen the knowledge as well as empowers you to implement the teachings.

Target Audience

  • Spiritual seekers who wants to know how to engage in spirituality in today's world
  • Curious learners who wants to learn about Saints, their life history and their shining qualities and personalities.

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