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Roopdhyan Meditation Part 2

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Roop Dhyan is the core practice of bhakti. ‘Roop’ means the form and ‘dhyan’ means to remember or meditate upon. So ‘roop dhyan’ means to affectionately remember the form of Radha Krishna.

The mind is a subtle machine that constantly generate thoughts. These thoughts create our personality. You look at someone and say, “He seems to be a very angry person,” or “He appears to be a very simple, straightforward person,” or “She seems to be very kind-hearted,” etc. The kind of thoughts they kept in their minds, moulded their personality, and physical appearance as well.
There are so many meditation techniques that help improve the focus of the mind, however, their benefits are incomplete and impermanent. The reason is that they do not address the issue of purification of the mind & as long as lust, anger, greed, envy, illusion, etc. reside in the mind, these forces again destroy the gained concentration. It thus becomes vitally important to understand how to purify the mind.

To cleanse the mind, we must fix it on an object of meditation that is itself pure. The material realm is dominated by the three modes of material nature – sattva, rajas and tamas (goodness, passion and ignorance). If the object of meditation is material, it cannot purify the mind. Beyond this material realm, is the Divine realm of God – His Names, Forms, Virtues, Abodes, Pastimes, and Saints. If we fix our mind anywhere in this area, it will become pure. Shree Krishna told Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita.

Hence in Roopdhyan meditation, we connect our mind with the Divine. We learn to meditate on the Names, Forms, Virtues Pastimes, Abodes and Associates of God.

Meditation on God can be of endless varieties. This course offers a few varieties of guided meditation designed based on the teachings of Swamiji. These set of meditations will absolutely take us to the divine realm and bathe our minds in divine bliss with its visually captivating descriptions of forms and leelas of the Supreme Lord, unleashes our emotions, evokes our devotion and as a result creates a close relationship with God. From a novice seeker to an advance sadhak, anyone can relish these meditations. As the mind purifies and as the sadhaks advance, they will enter into bhav bhakti (when the feeling of affinity for Radha Krishna stays in the heart all the time). When our mind is fully purified, the sadhaks will receive prema bhakti (the ultimate Divine Bliss) through the Grace of God and Guru.

What I will learn?

  • Unique and most powerful Meditation techniques
  • Increase of focus and will power
  • How to control the mind
  • Establish a close connection with the Divine

Course Curriculum

Roopdhyan Guided Meditation – Part 2

  • 24:53
  • 2. True Nature of the World
  • 3. Lets Celebrate Holi in Braj
  • 4. Krishna, I Want to Play Holi with You
  • 5. My Best Friend Krishna
  • 6. Krishna! I Belong With You
  • 7. My Guru, Your Glory is Limitless
  • 8. Damodhar Leela
  • 9. The Gopis Going to Mathura
  • 10. Beholding Krishna in Our Mind

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  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Avoid distractions while sitting for meditation
  • Focus your mind on the meditation
  • If the mind wanders, bring it back to the meditation

Target Audience

  • Curious Learners
  • People Seeking for True happiness and Success

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