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Ram Valmiki Samvad – Part 1

Categories Vedic Philosophy

Goswami Tulsidas in his Ramcharitmanas has included the Ram Valmiki Samvad. Ram valmiki Samvad is the conversation between the Supreme Lord Ram and Maharishi Valmiki. There are curious questions in many minds like, Did Sage Valmiki write Ramayan before it happened? What was the discussion between the Supreme Lord Narayan and Sage Valmiki?  

Ram Valmiki Samvad is the essence of divine knowledge and a nectar of divine bliss that every spiritual aspirant would love to soak in. This exclusive course is crafted in such a way that it is not just a conversation to listen to, it is a journey that we will embark on as we get into the story. We will walk along Lord Ram into the forest in His exile and travel with Him to Sage Valmiki’s Ashram. Along the way, We will learn the most valuable teachings and their invaluable significance to our lives.

Ram Valmiki Samvad is a three part series designed from the successful online session organized by JKYog Academy called Ram Valmiki Samvad, as a part of the Bhakti Series. The Part 1 covers the introduction and context of Ram Valmiki Samvad, Who is Maharishi Valmiki? About Goswami Tulsidas and Ramcharitmanas. We will also come to know about other dialogues like Shiv Parvati Samvad and Garud Kagbhushundi Samvad. All these intertwined into the Story of Lord Ram as described in Ramcharitmanas explained in the most captivating and devotion filled narration by Swami Mukundananda. Swamiji’s narration makes anyone fall in love with the Supreme Lord, the kind of love that is rooted in a strong foundation of spiritual knowledge. As you partake of the divine knowledge, also immerse in the bliss of devotion as you relish the kirtans and chaupais and sing along with Swamiji in his lectures.

The course is presented by qualified moderators who were not only trained under the guidance of Swamiji, but exhibit sincerity in following Swamiji’s teachings and commitment to service and excellence. They have enhanced the whole session by delving deep into each topic and explaining with various examples and references from the scriptures. This course aims not only to educate learners but to transform them by giving them practical tools and techniques. You will find useful tools like Instructions for the mind to help you start the session with a disciplined mind, relatable and convincing stories and the glory of God’s name to enhance your devotion, thus making your journey joyous, enriched with knowledge, brimming with love and a fulfilling experience and an earnest anticipation for the next part of this series!

What I will learn?

  • Who is the Supreme Lord?
  • The Divine qualities of Lord Ram
  • Gain knowledge from Valmiki Ramayan and Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas and how to practically imbibe the key learnings from Swamiji's teachings

Course Curriculum

Session 1: Ram Follows Dharma

Session 2: Practicing Dharma

Session 3: Glory of Ganga and Nishad Vishad

Session 4: Kevat Leela

Session 5: Guru Tattva

Session 6: Search for The Ideal Personality

Session 7: Valmiki Ramayan vs Tulsidas Ramacharitmanas

Session 8: Kagbushundi Garud Samvad

Session 9: Shiv Parvati Samvad

Session 10: Who Can Know God? – Part 1

Session 11: Who Can Know God? – Part 2

Session 12: How Can We Know God?

Session 13: God’s Body is Divine

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Target Audience

  • Spiritual aspirants who wants to know and experience devotion
  • Spiritual seekers who wants to know how to engage in spirituality in today's world
  • Curious learners who want to learn how spirituality helps in uplifting one's life and achieving human excellence

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