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Anger Management

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Anger is a negative emotion that has become an integral part of our life. People show anger at different levels. We get angry when we feel frustrated, attacked, deceived, or unjustly treated. We all know thar anger is dangerous, it makes our intellect deluded and force us into action which we regret later. In fact, many people’s lives have been irreversibly changed for the worse as a consequence of acting on a split second of anger. But have we ever figured out why we get angry? What causes us to get mad? There are so many anger management techniques, but none go to the root cause. We may be able to control our anger temporarily, but the suppressed anger will explode somewhere. We all would have experienced that. The embarrassing moments we have encountered, the stress we have undergone, the losses we have suffered in our life and similar experiences that have been shared with us prompt us to understand and search for ways to manage this vile emotion tactfully.

Here is the specialized course on Anger Management specially designed from the successful online workshop organized by JKYog Academy based on the teachings of Swami Mukundananda, who has immaculately presented the most effective anger management techniques with proven tools and methodologies derived from the timeless wisdom of Vedic science combined with contemporary empirical studies.

Swamiji helps us understand the profound secrets of Vedas in a simplistic manner. Swamiji is able to explain ancient esoteric knowledge with rigorous scientific knowledge, in the modern context. Using perfect logic and a simple-yet-scientific approach, Swamiji offers new ways of understanding and applying the knowledge of the scriptures in our daily lives. This course is a perfect blend of scriptural knowledge and practical wisdom from Swamiji on how to implement anger management techniques in our life. The workshop itself was conducted by qualified teachers who were not only trained under the guidance of Swamiji but exhibit sincerity in following Swamiji’s teachings and commitment to service and excellence.

This Anger Management course is divided into four sections:

  • The first section throws light on myths and facts about anger and a brief on the types, intensity, and expression of anger.
  • The second section comprises of detailed study on the Vedic perspective of anger management.
  • The third section dwells on the thinking pattern that feed anger, short term, and long-term tools of managing anger.
  • The fourth section will provide an exhaustive exposure of the causes and a broad-spectrum remedy for anger.

On completing this course, Students will receive a course completion certificate digitally signed by Swami Mukundananda. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from this course and the knowledge will help you in eliminating this vicious affliction called anger and bring peace and happiness into your lives.

What I will learn?

  • Know the most powerful Anger Management secret
  • Learn the anger management tools and techniques
  • Learn how to apply the tools practically

Course Curriculum

Section 1: What is Anger Management?

  • Introduction
  • Lets Warm Up – Laugh Out Loud
  • Understanding Anger and the Need for Anger Management
  • Myths and Facts About Anger
  • Swamiji’s Lecture – The Implications of Anger
  • Physiological Impacts of Anger
  • Quiz
  • Section Summary
  • Assignment :- Introspective activity

Section 2: The Vedic Science of Anger Management

Section 3: Tools to Manage Anger

Section 4: The Ultimate Remedy for Anger

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Course Duration: 5h 35m
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Last Updated:March 27, 2024

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is suffering from Chronic anger, anger bouts, short temper, etc. and is looking for ways to control anger
  • Anyone looking for a powerful mind management technique to permanently cure anger
  • Curious learners who want to understand all about anger, its side effects and ways to eliminate this affliction from the root

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